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Best Sewing Machine Reviews, Comparison Chart & Guides

Unlike most home equipment, buying a sewing machine can be quite a complicated task, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. Indeed, beginners often have a lot of trouble finding the perfect model that meets up to their standards and requirements. A good-quality machine can be an investment for life which is exactly why it’s important to make an educated choice. The market is teeming with a plethora of brands with varying features and accessories and this can be quite confusing for budding users.

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Therefore, before purchasing your new home sewing machine, it does pay off to carefully weight your options. For example, it is advisable to compare various models instead of just settling for an easy option. Budget-wise, sewing machines come in a variety of price ranges. While this allows you to purchase a machine even if you’re on a limited budget, it is recommended to try and splurge for a more expensive albeit better quality one.

It is equally recommended to carefully inspect the material before purchasing. While sewing machines used to be made from metal, they are nowadays crafted from plastic which can drastically reduce the casing resistance to wear and tear, although it does make the appliance much lighter, and thus more portable. Therefore, don’t hesitate to look around and examine the casing or shell prior to your purchase.

Top 10 Sewing Machines

Needle Threader
per Minute
Brother CS6000i
brother cs6000i
Review60Yes85013 lbs
Singer 7258
singer 7258
Review100Yes75015 lbs
Brother XL2600I
brother xl2600i
Review25Yes80011 lbs
Janome 2212
janome 2212
Review12No86016 lbs
Brother XR9500PRW
brother xr9500prw
Review100No85010 lbs
Singer 9960
singer 9960
Review600Yes85020 lbs
Brother LS2125i
brother ls2125i
Review10No90013 lbs
Singer 4423
singer 4423
Review23Yes110014 lbs
Janome HD3000
janome hd3000
Review18Yes86019 lbs
Singer CG590
Singer CG590
Review18Yes110016 lbs

Why Buy a Sewing Machine

Investing in a sewing machine is easily one of the smartest moves that any budding user can make: this handy piece of equipment is not only surprisingly easy to use but it can help you easily create various types of crafts. While the most popular examples are clothes, with some dual models users can even indulge in entertaining hours of embroidery.2610 brother Indeed, a handmade embroidery pattern can take you months to complete while a sewing and embroidery model can complete the task in just a few hours. Similarly, you can use these appliances to create quilts, cushion covers, duvets and the likes.

More importantly, sewing machines have been shown to provide users with hours of entertainment. They also stimulate the mind and creativity, which is why more and more schools are implementing sewing in their curriculum. With this appliance, you can also replicate some of the fashion industry’s most coveted clothes at a mere fraction of the cost.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Here are some of the main points to consider before buying your appliance:

  • Size and Weight: Too many users forget to look out for the size and weight of their machines only to find that they can hardly move it around. Of course, if you have a sewing room or any space dedicated to sewing only, you can go for a bulkier model. However, users who plan on shifting their sewing area on a regular basis might feel more comfortable with a more compact and mobile design. It also pays off to search for a model that includes a handle and a carrying case for easy mobility. To ensure that it fits on your table of choice, don’t forget to measure the table and compare it to the machine’s measurements prior to your purchase.
  • Ease of Use: Users can normally choose between two main types of sewing machines- computerized and mechanical. Computerized machines are normally more efficient and provide users with more accurate and stronger stitches. However, if you’re looking for a model that’s simple and easy to use, you might want to go for a mechanical instead. Remember that it’s pointless to invest more money in a computerized model that you’re hardly able to use. Mechanical machines are less complicated to operate and come with less functions, which is ideal for new users and are best suited for basic projects.
  • Extra Features: On the other hand, users who are more experienced in the world of sewing might want to search for a model that comes with additional features. For example, if you have experience on sewing, you might want to get a dual model that comes with quilting or embroidery features. If you’re planning on using your appliance for heavy-duty use, you may feel more comfortable with an apparatus that can deliver more stitches at the same time. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for features that make your sewing experience easier some models even include an automatic needle threader- something that elderly people might feel more comfortable with.
  • Price: Of course, it goes without saying that the price of your machine depends on the number of features that come with the apparatus. Since a sewing machine is an investment for various decades, you should take the time to measure the pros and cons. Consequently, users should preferably set their budgets depending on the number of times they plan to use it. For example, professionals can look into models with powerful motors and wide tables that can accommodate wider strips of fabrics.


Best Sewing Machines for Sale by Price

Contrary to what many people seem to think, sewing machines are not necessarily overly-expensive. Quite on the contrary, they come in various price ranges, enabling users on a restricted budget to easily purchase one. To help you make an educated choice, here is a list of the best sewing machines by price:

Price Range: $50-100

Our Choice: Brother XL2600I

xl2600i brotherPriced between $70 and $80, the Brother XL2600I can easily be considered as one of the most affordable models on the market. In spite of its affordable price, this free-arm model is ideal for beginners. Indeed, it is surprisingly easy to operate and can be used to manufacture various types of clothes, accessories, covers and the likes. This particular model boasts of no less than twenty-five stitches. The Brother XL26001 is also quite compact, making it easy for you to carry it to different rooms of the house.

The Brother XL2600I also boasts of an in-built accessory storage. It includes no less than five accessory presser feet as well as a highly detailed and multilingual user’s manual to help you with the setting up. Novice users will be glad to learn that this particular model also comes with a one-step auto-size button holder, needle threader, drop-in bobbin, auto bobbin winding and the likes. It is equipped with a foot pedal that provides smooth and consistent sewing motions. Best of all, since it weighs only eleven pounds, this model is highly portable and thus a great choice for those that need a machine to take to sewing classes.

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Price Range: $100-200

Our Choice: Brother CS6000i Feature-Rich

cs6000i brotherThe Brother CS6000i Feature-Rich is a quite affordable appliance perfect for anyone who wants a good-quality and multi-features model but isn’t willing to spend a fortune. Extremely versatile, this particular model can be used for both basic projects as well as more complicated ones like quilting. With this machine, you’ll not only be able to select your stitches and stitch length and width but you’ll also be able to do it through its handy LCD display.

The Brother CS6000i also comes with a foot control. However, it even includes a stop/start button, which allows you to use it without the foot control. Additionally, it enables you to effortlessly adjust your sewing speed. If you’re worried about less-than-smooth movements, the CS6000i comes with a jam-resistant feature to deliver a fluid sewing experience. Some users find it problematic to always have to look for their bobbin thread. However, this particular model includes a quick-set drop-in bobbin to facilitate things for you.

Lastly, the Brother CS6000i is handily equipped with an oversized table, which will help you comfortably indulge in larger projects such as quilts, curtains and tapestries.

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Our Choice: Singer 7258 Stylist

7258 singerThe Singer 7258 Stylist costs between $190 and $250, and is certainly worth every cent. It delivers no less than 100 stitches and is equipped with programmable needles to largely facilitate the sewing process. With this model, users will even be able to benefit from a 10 presser feet designed to deliver exceptionally smooth and fluid sewing motions. This feature will help you easily work with all-purpose zippers, satin stitches, buttonhole blind hems, rolled hems, darning and embroidery, overcasting and the likes. Its automatic needle threader makes it extremely easy for users to effortlessly thread their needles. This is also a great option for elderly individuals or anyone with poor eyesight.

The Singer 7258 even comes with a widescreen LCD display screen to help you adjust and visualize your settings. The monitor is also designed to help you adjust the automatic stitch width and length. The Drop-In Bobbin System is exceptionally easy to load and boasts of a clear cover. As a nice addition, this particular model comes with an electronic automatic pilot system designed to help users sew without having to constantly press down on the foot pedal. The automatic tension system allows users to benefit from a very stable stitching motion regardless of the fabric type.

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Price Range: $200-300

Our Choice: Singer CG590 Commercial Grade

cg590 singerIf you’re looking for a professional-quality model, you might want to check out the Singer CG590 Commercial Grade. This particular model is designed to sew up to 1100 stitches per minute, thus it’s perfect for those that want to start their own sewing business. Best of all, thanks to its stainless-steel base, it can be used for extended periods of time with very little wear and tear, and for this reason, it is often recommended to professional users.

The Singer CG590 comes with no less than eighteen built-in stitches, including free arm capacity, pant legs, cuffs and four-step buttonholes, among others. Like all excellent-quality appliances, the Singer CG590 comes with a drop feed feature. Users can also benefit from the free motion feature to make more complicated projects such as quilts, blankets, comforters and other similar crafts. As far as the controls are concerned, this model displays and electronic foot control to produce smooth movements with no abrupt stops. The Singer CG590 comes with a free arm storage area that is equipped with various sorts of accessories in the likes of all-purpose, zipper, blind hem, buttonhole and satin stitch foot as well as several packs of needles, thread spool caps, class 66 bobbin and a handy instructions manual.

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Price Range: $300+

Our Choice: Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist

9960 singerIf you don’t mind splurging for a professional-grade model that can last for life, you might want to check out the Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist. Indeed, with a price between $300 and $600 and often hailed as one of the most professional models on the market, it allows users to experiment with up to 600 built-in stitches, including five different fonts and 13 different styles of automatic buttonholes. Best of all, this model can  be used for various types of projects including embroidery and quilting.

To avoid the hassle of desperately trying to fit the thread through the eye, this model comes with an automatic needle threader. Both experienced and novice sewers will appreciate the electronic speed control and electronic auto-pilot feature that provides you with complete control over the sewing process. This can come in particularly handy for more difficult areas like corners or hems. Another impressive feature is the digital information advisor that provides you with a plethora of data such as the stitch length, width setting and built-in stitch. Best of all, you’ll also be able to enjoy this model’s recommended pedal foot pressure that will be displayed on the LCD screen, hence minimizing any risk of mishaps.

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