Sunday , 15 September 2019

Best Singer Sewing Machines

Established in 1851, Singer has since carved a solid reputation for itself on the sewing market. Favored by both domestic and professional users, Singer machines can very easily last for a long time, provided that you properly care for them. In fact, most Singer machines have been known to last for life. Since the majority of these appliances can resist scratches while sustaining quite a lot of wear and tear. By this token, users can very easily operate their machines on a daily basis. Singer sewing machines are also quite varied and available in several price ranges, hence enabling you to find something that will suit your budget.

Singer is also known for its solid customer support: indeed, in the rare event that you encounter any problem with your machine. Sewers can also contact Singer’s solid customer service over the phone for free support. The company is also known for its excellent warranties that can extend across a span of twenty-five years.

Sewers will be glad to learn that most Singer machines are equipped with basic albeit handy features such as various stitch designs, built-in lighting, adjustable tension and the likes. To help you find the best model, here are some of the best Singer sewing machines on the market. You can also read our sewing machine reviews for more options.

Our Choice: Singer 9960

9960 singerThe Singer 9960 costs between $300 and $400. While it’s certainly more expensive than other regular Singer machines, it is certainly worth every cent: indeed, it’s brimming with a variety of features designed to facilitate your sewing. For example, it boasts of no less than 600 built-in stitch designs as well as no less than 13 styles of automatic buttonholes. Sewers can also benefit from an electronic auto pilot and speed control to have more control over their sewing speed. It also comes with a very good sewing speed of up to 850 stitches-per-minute, which make it a good choice for heavy duty work. It’s not the lightest sewing machine out there however, so it might not be the best option to take to sewing classes.

Our Choice: Singer 7258

7258 singerThe award-winning Singer 7258 is priced between $160 and $200 which is quite surprising considering its extended range of features. Indeed, this apparatus can very easily deliver up to 100 different stitch designs to help you add variety to your sewing projects. Fully computerized, this machine even boasts of a wide LED Display screen to help you shuffle through the various stitch designs. Users can also choose a stitch length and width from the LED screen. The electronic auto-pilot makes it even easier for you to operate the machine without the foot pedal. This particular model is lighter than most, so it can be carried around the house or to sewing classes with ease.

Our Choice: Singer 4423

singer 4423 heavy dutyFeaturing a metal frame, the Singer 4423 is a heavy duty, mechanical machine that comes with some basic features and some very good ones. Indeed, the machine boasts of a sturdy built, which makes it great for heavy duty projects, as well as a most impressive sewing speed of up to 1100 stitches-per-minute. It also comes with 23 sewing stitches which is not bad for a mechanical model. It boasts of an easy-threading system which means that you simply have to push down on a lever to automatically inch the thread through the eye of the needle. The workspace is brightly illuminated by a bright LED light, hence enabling you to use the machine at night. The drop-in bobbin system also comes with a clear cover, which makes it quite easy for you to insert the bobbin.